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The 'average' online casino player is female, aged between 46 and 55.

The reason is obvious, whenever you think about it ' for many years, land based casinos were male-dominated spaces where women, should they were allowed in whatsoever, were considered as either waitresses, glammed-up escorts to 'serious' gamblers or blue-haired pensioners piling coins into slots.

With the arrival of internet gambling, that most changed. Now, women can gamble location they like, with no pressure ' real or imagined ' of feeling just like an unwelcome outsider.

Surprisingly, though, the internet casino industry has become relatively slow in collecting the opportunities made available from this demographic. Most of those gambling online sites which do focus on female gamblers usually assume that they want to do is play bingo and chat on online forums.

Whilst there is absolutely no doubt that a great many female gamblers enjoy those facets of online casinos, there's a complete group whorrrre interested in more common casino games.

If you're a type of gamblers, and you're feeling a little neglected because of the marketing of casino sites, this information is intended to point you towards games I know you'll savor!

First up has become the most male-dominated game coming from all, Baccarat (pronounced Back-a-rah and in addition known as Punto Banco) As the action that introduced James Bond around the world in Casino Royale, they have always had an aura of class and glamour. Think of Bond girls in strapless black dresses, draped within the players while they gamble, and you may see how women are often regarded by Baccarat players!

In traditional bricks-and-mortar casinos, Baccarat can often be played in an independent room, taken care of of the 'rowdier' tables, as it's the game popular with 'high-rollers', those high stakes players that will get treated so well because of the management. This is another reason land-based Baccarat can appear so intimidating, males as well as women.

Online, however, there aren't any such restrictions to playing Baccarat. Gone will be the trappings of glamour and secrecy ' and what's left is a simple, enjoyable card game, with room for slightly strategy.

I designed Fortune Palace (see authors resource box) introducing players to game for example Baccarat. If you visit, you will see all the rules and bets clearly explained, a conclusion of strategy for all numbers of risk ' and, furthermore, you are able to practice for no extra charge, which means you won't need to chance money until you're familiar with the overall game.

The second game I'd like to recommend is among my personal favourites ' Sic Bo. Not many know this game since it is played usually by Asian and Far Eastern gamblers. In fact, many Western casinos do not offer the sport. Online, though, it's one from the most popular table games.

Unusually, Sic Bo is widely thought to be a 'game for women' amongst gamblers. This disparaging attitude ignores the options that the experience has to offer. To describe it briefly, it is just a game tinkered with three dice which includes similarities with Craps and Roulette. I'm always surprised by how Roulette players look 'down their nose' at Sic Bo. True, the percentages in Sic Bo are certainly not exactly the most favourable inside casino, yet it's not as if Roulette is often a guaranteed money maker! In fact, if you would like to try out a technique on a close-to-evens chance bet like Red/Black, Sic Bo supplies a very similar bet in Big/Small.

But that's missing the idea. The fun in Sic Bo lies within the betting permutations and combinations. Basically, you will find 216 methods three dice is usually rolled ' and you'll place many bets on these possible outcomes. For example, you might bet around the overall total, on the pair, with a triple, on the specific number ' the options are numerous.

The way the board is organized, that the dice are rolled, and what sort of results are presented all go on the excitement and enjoyment from the game. For some fun from the casino, I think Sic Bo's unbeatable.

Blackjack is really a very popular game this is unlikely you're unfamiliar with it so I won't get into detail in the following paragraphs. All I will think are that I've devised a straightforward 3-stage strategy for Blackjack that is created to take players from beginner to high-roller whilst still keeping the enjoyment in the sport. If you're a Blackjack player ' or wish to be! ' you could possibly care to give it a look.

Another here unusual game we describe at Fortune Palace is Pai Gow Poker. This can be a game I like to label Blackjack for Poker players. In other words, you'll need a basic information about poker hands (don't be concerned ' Fortune Palace carries a hand ranking chart for newbies!) but the experience itself can be a you-versus-the-dealer type of game.

You're dealt seven cards along with to make two poker-based hands, among five cards and considered one of two. The dealer does the identical ' if both hands beat the dealer's, won by you!

It's fast and exciting as well as a game that I know is extremely popular with female individuals to the site. The strategy can feel complex in the beginning, but once you're acquainted with it it is a game you may really enter.

A variation in the game is Bonus Pai Gow Poker. In that version, you are able to place a side bet your seven cards will possess a significant poker hand (eg full house, straight). The advantage of this bet is that shipped to you the wager even though you don't win the 2 main hands ie you receive the bonus regardless how you set the hands! If you're sufficiently fortunate to get a Royal Flush, the bonus pays out a tremendous 8,000 to just one!

Sadly, not every online casinos provide Bonus version. But if you're playing at one who does (eg Spin Palace or Ruby Fortune) it's worth considering.

Roulette might well be the most popular and familiar coming from all casino games. As with Blackjack, I'm sure you realize most of what you should know about Roulette, so I won't enter into detail here. But if you're attracted by one in the many Roulette 'systems' available for the market, at Fortune Palace we've tested the favourite ones and provide you with our verdict. I won't let you know here which work and which don't ' that will spoil the surprise!

The last game I'd like introducing you to is Keno. True, this can be a game a lot like Bingo, which can seem to contradict your initial point of this post, but I feel it is a game female players may enjoy. Put simply, it is a cross between Bingo and Lotto, in which you have an component of control over the amount of and which numbers you ultimately choose.

You mark the numbers with a card then 20 balls are drawn aimlessly. You win depending on the amount of 'spots' you end up picking and the number of of those show up. Winning a small amount is relatively easy ' winning big is pretty hard! But if you're sufficiently fortunate to get 10 from 10, the payout is 100,000 to at least one.

Keno is much more of a 'fun' game than many more, but it offers its charms and gives a diversion whenever you're seeking to relax between hands of more 'serious' games.

Overall, then, I hope this informative article has given female players a taste from the kind of games that are offered to them all of which will encourage some to attempt their hand at internet gambling.

Remember, inside the past, casinos were a male preserve. Online casinos make things a lot more democratic ' everyone's welcome and everyone's treated equally.

Women employ a right to play to view the leonids they want ' be sure you exercise that right!

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